A Family Friendly Villa in Florida

Though central Florida is a great destination for kids of all ages (from 0-100+), little ones especially love its proximity to Mickey Mouse and Disney World. That’s why we cater not only to snow birds, but also to families with young ones.

Here are a few things we provide for a family-friendly environment:

High Chair

Every person deserves a seat at the table! We provide a standard high chair for your little one to use while you enjoy family dinners both indoors at the 6-person dining table, or outdoors on the lanai when grilling up a good meal.

Pack & Play Crib/Changing Table

This handy Pack & Play by Graco is the one we provide at Brunello Villa. We loved its tri-functionality, and we provide a crib mattress and crib sheet to round it all out.

Joovy Groove Ultra Lightweight Portable Stroller

When you visit the parks you’ll notice the rows and rows of strollers. Days at the park can be long and hot, which is why we provide some sweet wheels for your little one to relax in while enjoying the fun.

I purchased the Joovy Groove because of its lightweight frame and easy portability. Just fold it up and throw it in the back of your car on your way to Disney. The main image of this blog post is a lifestyle photo of the product from Joovy’s official website.

Plastic Table Settings

We provide many plastic cups, plates, bowls, and a few tiny hand-friendly forks and spoons for dining. The plastic dishes can be used for guests of all ages—especially for when you’re enjoying a meal on the lanai.

Kid-friendly DVDs, Books and Coloring Books

As wonderful as central Florida is, it’s not immune to the occasional rainy day. That’s why we included a few child-friendly DVDs, books, and colouring books in the cabinet underneath the TV in the main living area.

Pool Toys & Child Safety Screen

The hot Florida days call for lots of fun in the pool! We provide a number of different pool toys for your kiddos to play with while they splash around in the water. The child safety screen should also always be secured whenever the pool is not in use. This helps keep weak swimmers away from the water’s edge. Please make sure to keep your children well supervised, even with this useful safety feature.

In-house Laundry Facilities

If you have kids, you understand why it’s nice to have a washer and dryer in the house. It just makes life easier!

Is there anything else you’d like Brunello Villa to provide to better accommodate little Disney travelers? Leave your suggestions in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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