Brunello Villa 2016 Refresh

If you’ve ever purchased a home, then you know the excitement of “making it your own”. In this case, my goal was to not only create a space where my family and friends could be comfortable, have fun, and relax, but also to welcome guests to make memories that last a lifetime.

The previous owners, the MacKelvies, did an awesome job keeping the house in tip-top shape. So, I started with a nice, clean base.

When my mother, father, and I arrived in Florida in April of 2016 to fix the place up, we accomplished a lot in a pretty short period of time.

New linens and towels, new kitchen utensils, new pool toys and beach bag, new dishes and cutlery, and some nice features like a Keurig coffee machine and a Bluetooth speaker were added to the villa. We also did routine maintenance like cleaning the carpets, fixing the shades, and replacing the bathroom caulking. It is lots of little things, but we hope they all add up to a comfortable, clean home for your holiday.

Anyways, without further ado, the before and after photos!

Master Bedroom



Dining Area






Living Area



Twin Room 1



Twin Room 2



The Twin Bathroom







So, what do you think? Any suggestions on features, changes you’d like to see made to the villa? We’re always open to your suggestions, and you can leave them in the comments.


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