Welcome to Brunello Villa

Hi, and welcome to warm, sunny Florida and the Tuscany-style gated community of Tuscan Hills, just miles from Walt Disney World and the many other fun and interesting attractions in this world’s leading travel destination.

My name is Erin Weigel, and I’m originally from central Pennsylvania, now living and working in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The winters there are long, cold and dark. So to escape to the sun and warmth for a few weeks each winter, I took the plunge into investing in this villa. When my family and I aren’t using it, it’s available for other sun- and fun-seekers to rent.

So, why did we choose this house and this community? Good question.

A lot of the rental places down here are owned by foreign investors. As we were looking at places to buy, I noticed that many of them needed a ton of work because they had been rented into the ground. Weird odors, stained carpet, outdated furniture, and poor maintenance are just a few of the “deal breakers” I had on my list. I wanted something I could immediately welcome my family, friends, and guests into and know they’d feel comfortable, relaxed, and a little spoiled.

802 Brunello Drive was previously owned by a lovely Scottish couple by the name of Susan & Stuart MacKelvie. When the realtor opened the door, I could feel the love and consideration the house had been treated with over the years by the MacKelvies. It was very clean, the walls had been freshly painted, the carpets had been replaced, and everything had its place. This was a place I wanted to also treat well throughout the years.

As for Tuscan Hills, the minute we pulled up to the palm adorned club house, we loved it. The freshly paved roads, cleanliness, and quiet atmosphere were just a few of the things that really stood out. I thought, “Now, this is a place where we can have fun and relax.” Eventually I also came to learn that the community is also within walking distance to Lake Davenport, a big community park that includes a boat launch for fishing, and that really sealed the deal!

So anyways, I wrote all of that just to say that I hope you have a great stay and enjoy the community, the location, the clubhouse and grounds, the palm trees, the private pool out back, the fun attractions, and everything else that drew me here.

Welcome home, friends.

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