Club Cool at Epcot Center in Disney World

Disney’s Coolest Little-Known Attraction

Everybody knows about Space Mountain, Tower of Terror and the other “big stuff” around Disney, but one of my favorite park nooks is one that hardly anyone even notices.

It’s a little shop at EPCOT called Club Cool, tucked away in an easily missed corner of a building on the way from Innoventions West back to the World Showcase.

From the outside, Club Cool looks a lot like a dinky, worthy-of-skipping shop hawking Coca-Cola merchandise… which it is.

However, the center section houses self-dispensing stations that let you sample FREE soft drinks (i.e. soda, pop, etc.) from around the world.

I stumbled across this by accident one visit, mainly because it was hot outside and this was one of the few air-conditioned places I had never checked out.

I was totally surprised that you can just walk up, grab little paper cups, and sample away at eight different soft drinks from around the world.

You could drink gallons all day long so far as I can tell, although it’s possible staff might say something after three or four hours. It’s a bargain compared to the triple-priced Cokes you’ll otherwise have to buy at refreshment stands.

On the other hand, you’ve already paid something like $100 to get into the park in the first place, not to mention the parking fee. So even if you drink 5 gallons of Fanta Pineapple, Disney is coming out on the fat end.

Hey, but you’re not going to Disney to conserve money anyway, so check out Club Cool mainly as a way to see what soft drinks taste like in countries other than the United States.

Last time I was there, they were serving a very tasty raspberry/cream soft drink called Sparberry that’s apparently a favorite in Zimbabwe.

The Inca brand “kola” from Peru also was deliciously sweet but with a hint of bubble-gum flavor that makes it somewhat different from our “cola.”

A drink from Brazil is made with something called a “guarana berry,” whatever that is. Infused with plenty of sugar, it’s also pretty good.

And the non-carbonated VegitaBeta drink from Japan was surprisingly good despite a name that hints of something close to V8.

Forget the Beverly soda from Italy. It’s bitter.

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