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The laid-back, back-way route to Disney

Want to shave some time off of your drive to Disney from Brunello Villa? We know a short cut!
Disney-area traffic can get a little crazy at times, which is why I picked a villa to the less-congested southwest of the theme parks in the first place instead of International Drive or Kissimmee.
If you’re not a traffic-jam fan and lean to more leisurely drives, I’ve found a good route to the Disney parks that’s both shorter (less than 10 miles to Animal Kingdom) and more laid-back. It sidesteps the busier Route 27/Route 192/World Drive course that your GPS likely will want to take you.

Here’s what you do…

First, turn right out of Tuscan Hills onto Florence Villa Grove Road and not left to the Route 27 signal. Drive about 2 miles on this residential road to the first stop sign at Westside Boulevard. The Westside Elementary School will be on your far left.

The Westside Elementary School will be on your far left.

Turn left onto Westside Boulevard and follow this tree-lined, condo-laden, uncongested, 40-mph road almost 2 more miles to the Route 192 light. Turn right.

The view driving along Westside Boulevard.

Drive 3 miles, and just past the Formosa Gardens intersection and Bonanza miniature golf on the left, turn left at the light at Sherberth Road. (The road is named Entry Point Boulevard to the right.) I like to slide over into the middle or left lanes somewhere around 2 miles after entering Route 192.

Sherberth road is a back road onto Disney property.

Sherberth is a back road onto Disney property, and it’ll save you both distance and traffic instead of doing what most people do, which is continue down to the World Drive main entry into Disney.
Follow the two-lane Sherberth Road for about 2 miles as it winds back into Disney. You’ll know you’re on Disney property when you start to see the familiar purple directional signs and the neat, trimmed, colorful landscaping.

After 2 miles, you’ll make a right turn to go to Animal Kingdom. Follow the signs to go anywhere else at Disney if Animal Kingdom isn’t your stop.
The trip from villa to Animal Kingdom should take you 15 to 20 minutes, depending on traffic and how lucky you are in hitting green lights along Route 192.
You can head back home this way by reversing the directions.
You’ll know you’re getting close to making the left turn back onto Westside Boulevard from Route 192 West when you pass Lindfields Boulevard. That’s the light before the Westside Boulevard light. The left two lanes there are both left-turn-only lanes.

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